Zoë Kravitz Movie Secrets - Including The Failed Batman Audition (2023)

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Not all two-year-olds havesong written about themBut when you're the daughter of music legend Lenny Kravitz, life brings the unexpected. Mother of Kravitz and Zoë,Angel HeartActress Lisa Bonet named her daughter after the Greek word meaning "life," and the model, singer, actress, director, and style icon certainly lived her best life, often on the edge.

Zoë was smoking pot at 14 and battling anorexia and bulimia at 20. She also struggled with life as a single woman in Hollywood: "I experienced some pretty wild behavior from the opposite sex," Kravitz said.final term. "People are evolving and changing, but there is still a bad taste in many people's mouths."

Zoë Kravitz: growing up in the spotlight

TempoThe magazine named Zoë Kravitz one of the 100 Most Influential People of 2022, following her breakout role as the hot-tempered Catwoman in the DC film.he is batmanand his directorial debut in the mystery thrillerpussy island- Zoë also co-wrote the script. It was a bumpy ride.

Born in 1998, her parents divorced when she was five years old. Zoë first lived with her mother in a 'hippie enclave' in California and then moved with her father to Miami when she was 11 years old. "It was a big change," she said.Rolling Stone. "Going from this very quiet house in Topanga, just me and my mother, to my father's life, which was very busy: lots of people." Mick Jagger, Ashton Kutcher and Nicole Kidman were among them.

He started experimenting with drugs. Instead of lecturing her, Lisa Bonet offered to share a joint. Far from reveling in the celebrity spotlight, Zoë was often embarrassed by her awesome parents. She recalled one time Lenny picked her up at school in a fishnet shirt, "nipples sticking out of her."

Zoë Kravitz: actress and fashion icon

Zoë began to find her own voice after taking two months off school to accompany her father on a tour of Europe. She led a pop-punk band,elevator fight- the name comes from a fight the musicians had in an elevator over the name of the band. "We'll play anywhere," she said in 2009. "We'll play in someone's kitchen if he lets us."

The following year, Elevator Fight entertained crowds at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas and had a following in New York and Philadelphia, but Zoë was in demand and the band was unable to tour. She made her acting debut inNo Reservations (2007) and she was modeling as the face of perfume princess Vera Wang. Even the fashion bibleModashe was sitting and taking notes, referring to Zoë as 'the rock star' and a 'rising style icon'.

Zoë's big movie breakthrough came playing Angel Salvadore in the superhero spy flick.X-Men: First Class (2011). She could fly and spit fireballs. What could you not like?

Zoë Kravitz: from punk to star of Catwoman

Not all the attention Zoë received was good. When a musician claimed to have shared a kiss with Kravitz, she Zoë felt the need to tell her version of her story. "If by 'kiss' you mean 'attack,' then yes, he kissed me," Kravitz said.

It's not the first time Zoë has had to deal with unwanted attention. She started writing the script forpussy islandin the pre-MeToo era to express her frustration at how she saw powerful men taking advantage of women. It became a fun tug-of-war between the sexes, but the film's title stuck. Zoë enjoys the obvious discomfort this causes. “I love getting calls from marketing people or whatever,” she told reporters. “They say, 'So, P-Island.' I'm like, 'Hey! That's not what it's called...' ”

Zoë has always dealt with the ups and downs of life by throwing herself into her art.

“She chooses the path of hard work, constantly innovating and pushing the status quo forward. She rushes around, writes her own scripts, she stays up all night until she gets the job done,” said Reese Witherspoon, her co-star on the HBO series.big lies, adding that Kravitz's hidden talent is humor: "She brings a cheeky wit to all of her work, and to dinner parties if she's looking for the perfect guest."

Zoë Kravitz in Batman and the divorce

The high point of her film career coincided with a low point in Zoë's personal life.

She spent much of 2020 and 2021 in London filming as Catwoman/Selina Kyle inhe is batmanduring the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns. “I already find my job very strange,” she said.GQmagazine. "But there's something even weirder about someone lubing you up and covering you in latex at six in the morning, when everyone is, like, paralyzed."

Batman has grossed over $770 million internationally and Zoë Kravitz, already a household name, has scaled even higher. "Batman was the first time I felt like he was onto something undeniable," she said.

The pandemic delays gave him time to think about what he wanted for the future. Zoë married the actorCarlos Glusmanin 2019, with a who's who of Hollywood guest list from Chris Pine to Denzel Washington to Cara Delevingne. The divorce was finalized in 2021. "It was a gift, just taking the time," she said.ellemagazine. “It really is less about him and more about me learning to ask myself questions about who I am and still learning who I am and being okay. That's the journey I'm on right now."

It is not the first time that divorce destroys his world. In addition to Lisa Bonet's split with Lenny Kravitz, Bonet split from Zoë's stepfather, Jason Momoa, in early 2022.

Zoë Kravitz: Fighter and Survivor

In Christy Lemire's review ofhe is batman, describes Kravitz's performance with an astute observation: "This is no purring, seductive Catwoman: she's a fighter and survivor with a loyal heart and a strong sense of what's right...Kravitz continues to reveal a fierce charisma and quiet strength.”

It's a movie franchise that Zoë Kravitz had been hoping to join for a decade. Ella zoë she described how she was denied an audition for a small role inThe rise of the dark knight (2012)because “they were not becoming urban”. “It was like, 'What does this have to do with anything?' I have to play the part like, 'Hey, what's up, Batman? What's going on with chu?!" Kravitz said.Nylonmagazine.

"I don't know if it came directly from Chris Nolan," Kravitz later told reporters. “I think it was probably some kind of casting director or assistant casting director… Being a woman of color and being an actress and being told at the time that I couldn't read because of the color of my skin, and the word 'urban' ' to be played like that, that was really hard at the time.

Whats Next? Kravitz to star in and produce heist thrillerThe Sundance Kid may have some regretsAbout twin bank robbers. She's also thinking about other roles, maybe something that will let the light in.

"I'm a greatsex in the cityfan - likehuge -I can quote every episode. Sarah Jessica Parker, that's the Holy Grail,” Zoë said, adding that she is not considering replacing Parker in a new film, but that he would be happy to star alongside her. “She would play her friend or something. Maybe the new Samantha? No, I'm kidding Samantha. I love you."

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