Divinity Original Sin 2: Complete Guide to Crafting Recipes (2023)

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Elemental arrows, basic weapons, grenades, and even basic cooking recipes are available in Divinity Original Sin 2!

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one of oursårets mest ventede rollespilit's finally coming out of early access and going into a full release. As you'd expect from the previous entry in this beloved RPG franchise, there's plenty of replayability to be foundDivinity: Original Sin 2, including a robust crafting system.

Divinity: Original Sin 2includes somemajor changes in the seriesin the form of races, classes, spells and stats. While some of the recipes will look familiar to those who played the first game, others have been heavily altered throughout Early Access. In this guide, we've broken down each recipe and its basic ingredients, from arrows to grenades to weapons.

atDivinity: Original Sin 2Preparation of recipes

Please note that many of the recipes below are linked and a player will be rewarded for trying new combinations. For example, you need to make certain types of potions if you want to reliably produce elemental arrows.

arrows recipes

While the lack of area often affects the chances of grenades (unless you put something flammable on the ground first), many of the elemental and magic arrow effects can be just as useful, and knockdown and enchant arrows in particular offer a lot of tactical options.

Notice it actuallyyou must match the base arrow shaft with the head for each type of arrowto get the final product (whicharrow axis + deceleration arrowheadfor a functional deceleration axis).

craft items ingredients
Pil arrow shaft
poison arrowhead Arrowhead
silt tønde(o)intestines
Langsom pilespids Arrowhead
barrel of kerosene
explosive arrowhead Arrowhead
fire retardant
Vapor Cloud pilespids Arrowhead
Drink of water resistance
Static sky arrowhead Arrowhead
small air resistance potion
impressive arrowhead served
takedown arrowhead knife
nice arrowhead Arrowhead
Frost arrowhead Arrowhead
Essence of water
Poison Cloud Pilespids Arrowhead
earth essence
Necrofire Arrowhead fire arrowhead
origin orb
Holy water arrowhead water arrowhead
origin orb
armor recipes

These are all pretty basic armor recipes, and not too many have been discovered, so it seems like a good bet that there will be more of these to be found through trial and error.

craft items ingredients
handmade leather threaded needle
leather scraps
handmade cloth needle thread
fabric residues
Handmade Mage Armor needle thread
fabric residues
FE dust
handmade chain mail needle thread
scrap metal
Handmade scale armor Anvil
the scale is back
Handmade plate armor Anvil
plate remnants
Winter boots Nails
Cooking and food recipes

I can't help but laugh about making ketchup with a tomato and a hammer. But hey, I guess when you don't have a hand blender or food processor, this is one way to get the job done.Please note that some items, such as cakes, require the mobile kitchen to be prepared correctly. after mixing the ingredients.

craft items ingredients
boiling pot Be
Mel Wheat
mortar and pestle
integrated mass Mel
whole grain pizza integrated mass
Whole wheat cheese bread integrated mass
Water bottle Empty bottle
water barrel
Ketchup Tomato
jar of honey Bottle
Papilla Wheat
cup of milk
mashed potatoes Far
cup of milk
Rivellon french fries cold potatoes
boiling pot
boiled potato Far
boiling pot
Apple juice tom head
Orange juice tom head
Fish meatball Time
apple pie Time
mobile kitchen Be
Pomegranate recipes

You'll usually want a constant supply of these on hand, both for direct damage and ground effects, and they're cheaper to make than they are to buy.

craft items ingredients
love grenade tom perfume bottle
FE dust(o)Honey
shaking grenade empty boat
the essence of the earth
line grenade empty boat
eat air
terrorgranat empty boat
tormented soul
Razzle blinding grenade empty boat
air resistance potion
chemical warfare grenade empty boat
rotten eggs
cluster grenade tom grenade
fire essence
nail bomb grenade tom grenade
frost grenade tom grenade
Essence of water
Armor piercing grenade tom grenade
broken bottle
mustard gas grenade tom grenade
granadas molotov bottle of oil
Melting bar
Water balloon intestines
oil flasks empty jar
barrel of kerosene
runic recipes

Each rune type can be used to enchant weapons or armor to add different effects. Remember iteach type of rune can also be upgraded by combining them(such as two small thunder runes become one medium thunder rune, two medium thunder runes become one large thunder rune, and so on).

How to truly enchant is very evident in the inventory. You need to switch to the creation screen and then proceed to the Enchant section. Not all items can be enchanted, as you need equipment with rune sockets, which are only available later in the game.

craft items ingredients
small flame rune Madera
FE dust
small thunder rune Agua
FE dust
small frost rune Agua
FE dust
small rock rune Roca
FE dust
small poison rune Bone
FE dust
Small masterpiece Rune living tree
FE dust
recipes for potions

As with the runes, remember thatyou can get the next grade of a potion by combining two of the above types. For a medium healing potion, combine two smaller healing potions, and so on.

craft items ingredients
less healing potion Tom Drikflaske
Penny Bun Mushroom
Healing Elixir Any kind of healing potion
yarrow flower
Little enchanted potion Tom Drikflaske
whispering forest
Small Physical Armor Potion Tom Drikflaske
minor constitution potion Tom Drikflaske
minor strength potion Tom Drikflaske
Amethyst deceiver
small potion of fire resistance Tom Drikflaske
Guepinia mushroom
small air resistance potion Tom Drikflaske
Small earth resistance potion Tom Drikflaske
Earth tongue mushroom
Lille Poison Resistance Potion Tom Drikflaske
Small potion of waterproofness Tom Drikflaske
Bluegill mushroom
less speed potion Tom Drikflaske
warthog fungus
Potion of lesser delicacy Tom Drikflaske
minor perception potion Tom Drikflaske
minor intelligence potion Tom Drikflaske
Altar of the Black Rose Tom Drikflaske
blood rose
Invisibility Potion Tom Drikflaske
Roll recipes

Yes, you can create your own scrolls to cast magic, just like in the previous game. Here are all the offset formulas we've found so far, but more will definitely be added in the near future!

craft items ingredients
burning daggers Paper sheet
essence fire
infectious flame Paper sheet
essence fire
sharp tooth
fireball Paper sheet
essence fire
Skarp at
Hurry Paper sheet
essence fire
Rain Paper sheet
essence water
hail strike Paper sheet
essence water
unknown type of fish
Resurrect Paper sheet
essence water
the essence of life
healing ritual Paper sheet
essence water
damplanse Paper sheet
essence water
origin orb
Strength Paper sheet
The essence of the earth
Whisperwood Grass
Fossil Strike Paper sheet
The essence of the earth
piece of rock
Impamentering Paper sheet
The essence of the earth
shards of metal
teleportering Paper sheet
eat air
shocking touch Paper sheet
eat air
blinding glare Paper sheet
eat air
Tornado Paper sheet
eat air
chain lightning Paper sheet
origin orb
dimensionsstift Paper sheet
tormented soul
ethereal storm Paper sheet
origin orb
chicken claw Paper sheet
the essence of life
Chicken feet
tentacle snapper Paper sheet
the essence of life
Tail of rat
Tools and various recipes

From lockpicks to pixie dust, these are all the random items you need that don't fit into a category but are essential throughout the game.

craft items ingredients
Ganzuas (4) Nails
reparation hammer
lock pick (simple) Soap
Feather Knife
Hilo Lana
Reb Hilo
Melting bar Reb
needle thread Hilo
FE dust stardust
bone powder(o)Distortion
voodoo dukke wooden figure
weapon recipes

Need an extra weapon but you're not near a grocery store? You can craft some on your own, with stats tied to the level of the crafting character.

craft items ingredients
knife Cloth
sharp piece of metal
Cane leather scraps
sharp piece of metal
Large seaweed tied together leather scraps
twig with a rope Wooden stick
toy crossbow Wooden stick
Wooden stick
Crossbow tree branch
Wooden stick
temporary walking stick tree branch
sharp stone on a stick tree branch
sharp stone
Association tree branch
rag scrap
Magic wand Wooden stick

that's everyoneDivine original sin 2Recipes we've discovered so far! Have you found any others or noticed any post-launch ingredient changes from their Early Access counterparts?Let us know in the comments!

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