Bed Bath & Beyond is a godsend? (2023)

It seemed so less than a decade agoit all came down to Bed Bath & Beyond. The housewares company, founded in 1971, had held its own up to that point.other retailers disrupted. Sales were strong and the longtime management team was strong. Consumers liked the many coupons that never expired and loved the generous return policy. In his room, she seemed to have it all figured out... until she didn't. Now the company is facing possible bankruptcy and its share price has plummeted.

On Tuesday, January 10, Bed Bath & Beyondreporteda net loss of $393 million for the most recent reporting quarter ended November 26, 2022 and a 33 percent decline in revenue. The dismal earnings release wasn't entirely unexpected: The week before, Thursday, January 5, Bed Bath & Beyondcalledin a regulatory filing that it is experiencing a liquidity crisis and "substantial doubt exists about the company's ability to continue as a going concern," meaning that it may not be financially stable enough to support its expenses and meet its obligations . In the most recent quarter, the company had long-term debt of $1.9 billion. Heburn money fast, andFundraising Opportunitiesfor more hint are limited.

For those who have been paying close attention, this latest development comes as no surprise: Bed Bath has been looking ugly for a while now.

A quick look at Twitter reveals the company's problemsseveral he complainspointing out its eCommerce flaws. A client in early January.complained to dealerthat they brought a bad umbrella to the store and ordered a new one, only to receive the same umbrella back. Many customers who once loved the seemingly endless range of products (see:Diewide cityBed Bath-Folge) now holdempty shelvesYmediocre inventory. The company is in a precarious financial situation.

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“Bed Bath & Beyond is too far gone to save in its current form. A catalog of missteps has bankrupted the company and made it increasingly irrelevant,” Neil Saunders, managing director and retail analyst at GlobalData Retail, wrote in a Jan. 5 research note following the filing. Bed Bath Regulatory. "Only very radical measures will allow him to survive, and even if he does, he will be a shadow of himself."

Bed Bath has fallen behind the e-commerce curve and it's hard to catch up. It has ceded market share to giant retailers like Amazon, Target and Walmart, while facing stiff competition from smaller companies like Wayfair and HomeGoods. Efforts to orchestrate a change, including at launchown brandsthey have collapsed.Deliveryand customers are increasingly frustrated.

Bed Bath has also spent billions of dollars on share buybacks, meaning it has used cash to buy back its own shares on the open market over the years. That's money you could use now, if you had it, to try to reinvent yourself. However, it is not clear what this reinvention could look like, bankruptcy or not.

“They can't be the store that has everything because they're not. They can't be a premium guy like Williams Sonoma because they're not. They can't be bargain hunters like HomeGoods because they're not," said Warren Shoulberg, a veteran retail journalist who writes, In an interview. "So what are they doing? I don't know."

The landscape changed and Bed Bath did not

There is no single factor at the heart of Bed Bath & Beyond's problems, but a series of problems that led to its slow demise.Net profit began to decline steadilyin the 2010s and turned negative largely after 2019, as the company lost ground to competitors that proved more agile and suited to the changing market landscape.

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Bed Bath's business model was: "We have more stuff than anyone, so you come here to buy it, and we have decent prices," Shoulberg explained. He lured customers back with his iconic blue and white coupons that conveyed the feeling that the entire store was always on sale.

This value proposition worked for a while, but not forever. "This guy called Amazon came up and said, 'No, we actually have a lot more than them, we have more than anybody and our prices are decent,'" he said. After that, Bed Bath never found a value proposition or, to put it more bluntly, a real raison d'être. His coupons were nice and his return policy generous (now it is less generous), but that was not enough.

At the same time, Bed Bath & Beyond was a slow entrant into e-commerce, and unlike clothing and furniture, it sells a ton of things that people are usually pretty comfortable buying online without even looking at. Bed Bath also has a TV section with items that are not meant to be experienced before purchasing. They eventually got the ball rolling, but never put the resources in to land it.

“Your website was a bit clunky, difficult to use, took a long time to get articles. If you ordered online, they certainly didn't arrive in two days like Amazon would," Wall Street Journal reporter Suzanne Kapner said in aAugust-Podcast-Interview. “They were behind the curve when it came to e-commerce and all these new technology features that retailers were adding. They had fallen so far behind that it was really starting to affect their sales.”

He added that part of the problem is a broader company-wide culture of frugality and a "forest for the trees" mentality that has left business leaders blind to the big picture of e-commerce. Over time, Amazon wasn't Bed Bath's only e-commerce problem.

"They had to compete with Amazon and they had to compete with Wayfair, and Wayfair is very good at e-commerce," Shoulberg said. "Wayfair is a tech company that just happens to sell home furnishings."

Changes to the top did not generate $$

Activist investors took note of Bed Bath's struggles and launched a month-long campaign in 2019 to make change at the retailer, a campaign for them.finally won. The activists (Legion Partners, Macellum Advisors and Ancora Advisors) forced a restructuring of the company's board and the replacement of its CEO Steven Temares. New management, including Target veteran Mark Tritton as CEO, was hired in hopes of revitalizing the company.

Tritton "did some things right initially to stabilize the patient," said Seth Basham, an analyst at Wedbush.Retail Immersion, including expanding in-store and curbside pickup for customers who purchased online. The company also benefited from a sales boom during the pandemic. However, the new, broader strategy missed the mark.

Under the new leadership, Bed Bath sought to clear its stores and pursued aprivate label strategy, which means that he began to create and sell his own brands. This approachit was difficult to execute. The retailer faced supply chain bottlenecks and struggled to keep items in stock, and customers weren't exactly falling in love with the new products.

In 2021 and 2022, Bed Bath's ailments worsened. "Their credit profile deteriorated, their liquidity began to wane and over the summer they started paying providers more slowly," said Dennis Cantalupo, chief executive of Pulse Ratings, a retail ratings and advisory firm. "He has damaged relationships with suppliers that have...disrupted some of the flow of inventory. So now the shopper walks into the stores and doesn't see the products they want. And they walk away with nothing."

Bed Bath's retail problems are a money problem: The company has $1.7 billion in long-term debt and needs cash to invest in a turnaround. StillHe has spent a lot of money on share buybacks., which means you're buying back your own shares instead of using that money to invest in the company elsewhere. In November 2021, Bed Bath announced thisacceleratedhis plan to sell $1 billion worth of stock

"It destroyed Bed Bath's cash flow," Shoulberg said. It didn't really raise the stock price, and it didn't do much. “[If] they had that working capital, it's safe to say they wouldn't be in as dire a state of distress as they are right now. They still need to fix up the store, but they would have a little more breathing room."

Cantalupo pointed out that the share buyback problem is not only related to the post-2019 management: the management before the activists had also done a lot of buybacks. To some extent, this is normal behavior in corporate America, and in many back sharesall the time (Whether that's a good thing is debatable.). And Bed Bath has been in good financial shape for a long time. But in hindsight it's 20/20. "They certainly would have had a little more track if they hadn't been so aggressive with their share buybacks," Cantalupo said.

(Video) Bed Bath & Beyond Shares Plunge 35%

2022 has not been a good year for Bed Bath & Beyond. 2023 could be even uglier.

Last year was a difficult year for Bed Bath.

In June, Tritton was ousted as CEO andreplaced bySue Gove as interim general manager. In August Bed Bathrollsanother restructuring plan that includes closing 150 of its nearly 1,000 stores, cutting costs and implementing layoffs. But these measures appear to be too little, too late.

Bed Bath's holiday season appears to have been an ugly one given the recent earnings release. In a January 10 statement on the findings, Gove said Bed Bath had tried "quickly and effectively" to change its range, merchandising and marketing strategies as part of its recovery plan, but "inventory was limited" and there was no achieved his goal. goals. Bed Bath initiated cost reductions of $80 million to $100 million during the quarter, including overhead and personnel.

"We continue to work with advisers as we consider all strategic alternatives to achieve our short- and long-term goals," he said, adding that "multiple avenues are being explored." The company did not make explicit comments about a possible bankruptcy filing, and in a post-earnings call, Gove limited himself to prepared comments focused on Bed Bath's turnaround efforts.

In an email to Vox, Bed Bath cited the January 5 filing, which read, in part, "Since Bed Bath & Beyond Inc.'s comprehensive turnaround plan began early in the third quarter, which included financial actions on our balance sheet “and improve our cash flow, we have worked with strategic advisers to evaluate all avenues to regain market share and improve liquidity, our stated priorities.” He declined to comment further on the company's woes.

Andseñala Andrew Ross Sorkin del New York Times, Bed Bath really doesn't have many options where to buy cash. It's unclear whether existing lenders are willing to give the company more, and their efforts to redeem some bonuses for new shares have failed.

It should also be noted that repairing fences with suppliers and customers is difficult. "When liquidity dried up, they delayed payments to providers, which hurt some relationships there," Cantalupo said.

In 2022 Bed briefly came to Bathmeme actionsStatus: Which means it's become a darling of online retailers with a collective, often joking, interest in the company. That doesn't seem to have helped in the end either. In March of this year, Ryan Cohen, co-founder of pet e-commerce company Chewy,revealed a big betin the household goods trade. Cohen was acentral figurein game retailer GameStop's intent to turn around and meme stock history in recent years, and there was hope that his involvement with Bed Bath could lead to something good. He urged Bed Bath to "narrow its focus to strengthen operations and maintain the right inventory mix to meet demand" and to consider "strategic alternatives" such as spinning off Buy Buy Baby, the baby chain it owns.

“The problem at Bed Bath is that its scattered and widely publicized strategy is not ending the slump that has been occurring before, during and after the pandemic bottomed out and the appointment of CEO Mark Tritton,” Cohen wrote in a statement. release.Briefto Bed Bath in March. "As evidence, we point to the company's disappointing shareholder returns and continued underperformance across all relevant time horizons."

Cohen's commitment causedBed Bath Stock Quotecoming up short, and the Canadian businessman was able to secure three board seats. But by late summer, Cohenpaid. He pocketed $68 million in the process, but Bed Bath's stock price plummeted.

In September, Bed Bath CFO Gustavo Arnal, whounidothe company in 2020,died by suicide. She faced a lawsuit along with Cohen alleging that the pair were involved in a pump-and-dump scheme around the stock. The company has said the claims areno merit.

"While it's a great story that was on the news, I don't think that's why we're here today. The tragedy that comes with it," Cantalupo said.

Goodbye to the bathroom in bed?

Moving forward, Bed Bath is on shaky ground, and the list of options for what's next isn't particularly extensive. On Jan. 5, Morningstar analyst Jaime Katz said in a note that the company was updating its "fair value estimate" for the "no-moat" company to zero, citing slowing sales and increasing the inventory limit. from suppliers given the uncertainty of cash flow. "Bankruptcy is a much shorter-term risk than we previously thought," he wrote.

(Video) Why Bed Bath & Beyond Is Facing Extinction

If Bed Bath files for bankruptcy, it would give the company a chance to pay off much of its debt, clean up its balance sheet and close underperforming businesses. Will that be enough to save him? It is a difficult question to answer.

"It's a tough fight," Cantalupo said. “There are certainly other alternatives to buying the goods they sell. You have to find a way to differentiate yourself from the competition, which is sometimes easier said than done.”

With the notable exception ofToys R Us, few retailers go completely out of business when faced with a situation like Bed Bath's, Shoulberg said. Many companies are reeling from reviews and bankruptcies, which he thinks will be the case here, though that doesn't mean Bed Bath is clear. "Most of these restructurings don't work," he said. They could get out, but what then? "They still don't have a plan on how to become a successful retailer."

There are a few examples of struggling retailers that have managed to turn their fortunes around. Take the example ofBarnes & Noble, which found a way to survive and thrive in the world of Amazon, and Best Buy, which still exists. In other words, Bed Bath is in a tough spot, but a comeback isn't impossible.

Whatever happens next, Shoulberg said Bed Bath's woes should serve as a warning to other retailers about the dangers of complacency and being left behind. "Not long ago, Bed Bath & Beyond was considered one of the leading retailers in the United States," he said. "They broke up pretty quickly."

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What is Bed Bath and Beyond slogan? ›

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Every room, every moment, everything you need to #homehappier. Our mission: We make it easy to feel at home! Bed Bath & Beyond's culture is customer-centric. Our commitment to customer service is supported by significant investments made to strengthen our company's foundation for future growth.

What makes Bed Bath and Beyond unique? ›

What sets Bed Bath & Beyond apart from its peers is the sheer volume of options available to customers. These include a larger selection of brands, colors, styles, and textures to match all tastes. If you've ever been into a Bed Bath & Beyond store, you know how packed full it is with different categories of products.

What is beyond+ Bed Bath and Beyond? ›

Bed Bath & Beyond Welcome Rewards+

You'll get 50 points for each dollar that you spend after coupons are applied and earn $5 in rewards for every 5,000 points earned. Plus members also get free same-day delivery four times a year—which saves you $40 and a lot of time.

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We are committed to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture that is focused on delivering exceptional fragrances and experiences. We work hard to improve our communities and our planet in a way that will make us proud for years to come ...

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Our values are: The customer rules. Diversity, equity and inclusion make us stronger. Passion leads to success.

What are the benefits of working at Bed Bath and Beyond? ›

benefits and well-being
  • Headspace.
  • BEYOND Wellness (Associate assistance program)
  • The stronger, together relief fund.
  • Paid Parental Leave.
  • Paid Vacations.
  • Paid Personal Days.
  • Bereavement.

Who is the target audience for Bed Bath and Beyond? › Audience Demographics

The largest age group of visitors are 25 - 34 year olds (Desktop).

What caused Bed Bath and Beyond to fail? ›

With years of declining sales, inventory constraints and failure to connect with shoppers' changing habits, the reasons behind the downfall of Bed Bath & Beyond are myriad. But the end result is clear: after half a century in business, the company is on the brink of survival.

Who is Bed Bath and Beyond biggest competitor? ›

Bed Bath & Beyond's President & CEO, Sue Gove, currently has an approval rating of 66%. Bed Bath & Beyond's primary competitors are IKEA, Walmart & Target.

Does beyond Plus membership cost money? ›

Bed Bath & Beyond is the latest retailer to offer store superfans a membership program: Beyond+ boasts free shipping and an automatic 20% off every purchase, in exchange for the $29 annual fee.

How many 20% off coupons can you use at Bed Bath and Beyond? ›

Understanding Bed Bath & Beyond coupons

They often have an expiration date, but stores will usually accept them after they've expired. For coupons to use online, join the Bed Bath & Beyond email list. You can stack up to 5 of the 20 percent off coupons in the same transaction! Each coupon will apply to a separate item.

How much is a Bed Bath Beyond annual membership? ›

Welcome Rewards™+ membership will auto-renew annually for $29. Limited time offer valid thru 1/31 for new Welcome Reward™+ members excluding new Credit Card applicants. Receive $15 in rewards after making first purchase (excluding gift cards). Rewards awarded by 2/3.

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What is Bath and body Works brand philosophy? ›

Passion Leads to Success. We love what we do! We have fun creating the fragrances and experiences that bring happiness to people around the world. Our care for our customers drives us, giving our work a strong sense of purpose that keeps us focused on always exceeding expectations and delivering exceptional results.

What is Bath and body Works brand promise? ›

About Bath & Body Works. We make the world a brighter, happier place through the power of fragrance. This idea is what we were founded on, and it's at the heart of everything we do. We're a team that cares about our customers and believes in giving them a reason to celebrate with fragrance every day.

What is the official mission statement? ›

A mission statement is a concise explanation of the organization's reason for existence. It describes the organization's purpose and its overall intention. The mission statement supports the vision and serves to communicate purpose and direction to employees, customers, vendors and other stakeholders.

What should I put on my resume for Bath and body Works? ›

Organized, independent worker with strong time-management skills.
  • Stocked and replenished merchandise according to store merchandising layouts.
  • Welcomed customers into the store and helped them locate items.
  • Educated customers about the brand to incite excitement about the company's mission and values.

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What should I wear to a Bed Bath and Beyond interview? ›

No matter the company you are applying for I think everyone should dress professional and appropriate for their interview. No shorts and a t shirt and hair looking like you just rolled out of bed. For ladies you can wear a dress that is knee length or longer, no club like dresses.

What is the desired salary range for Bed Bath and Beyond? ›

FAQs About Bed Bath & Beyond Inc

Bed Bath & Beyond Inc pays its employees an average of $12.60 an hour. Hourly pay at Bed Bath & Beyond Inc ranges from an average of $9.70 to $20.64 an hour.

How much an hour at Bath and Body Works pay? ›

Bath & Body Works Inc pays its employees an average of $13.22 an hour. Hourly pay at Bath & Body Works Inc ranges from an average of $10.60 to $20.27 an hour.

Is Bed Bath and Beyond in trouble financially? ›

Now, the company is facing potential bankruptcy, and its stock price has plunged. On Tuesday, January 10, Bed Bath & Beyond reported a net loss of $393 million for its most recent reporting quarter, ending November 26, 2022, and a 33 percent drop in sales.

Who is the target message of the audience? ›

In media, the target audience refers to the person or group for whom a message is created. Some messages, like personal email or thank-you notes, target just one person. Others are meant for larger audiences.

What are the psychographics of Bed Bath and Beyond? ›

The demographic profile of BBBY customers tend to be female, 35-50 years old, with a middle to upper-middle class income level. This business model has allowed Bed Bath & Beyond to grow from its original concept and 2 stores into 5 concepts and ~1,500 leased stores employing ~57,000 people.

What is the bed bath beyond controversy? ›

The chain's CFO died suddenly in September 2022.

Arnal had recently been named in a federal class-action fraud lawsuit, which also named Cohen. The suit claimed that Cohen and Arnal were working together in a "fraudulent scheme to artificially inflate the price of Bed Bath & Beyond's publicly traded stock."

What is the future of Bed Bath and Beyond? ›

The Company anticipates a Net Loss of approximately $385.8 million for the third quarter of fiscal 2022, including impairment charges of approximately $100.0 million , compared to a Net Loss of $276.4 million in the year ago period.

Did Bed Bath & Beyond fire their CEO? ›

In June, CEO Mark Tritton was fired following disappointing earnings that fell short of expectations. Bed Bath & Beyond is just one of many US businesses that have announced a range of cost-cutting measures due to recession fears.

What is the sister company to Bed Bath and Beyond? ›

The web site (the "Site") is owned, operated and maintained by Bed Bath & Beyond Inc., the parent company to the group of subsidiaries that operate retail store chains under the names Bed Bath & Beyond, Harmon and Harmon Face Values, and buybuy BABY.

Is Target cheaper than Bed Bath and Beyond? ›

A study done by Self Financial found that Target ranks as the most affordable in homestore goods among such contenders as Bed, Bath & Beyond, Crate & Barrel and Wayfair. Self Financial compared products for the bedroom, office, bathroom, hallway, kitchen and living room and Target came up on top for best prices.

What brands does Bed Bath and Beyond own? ›

Shop home goods from all ten of Bed Bath & Beyond's owned brands.
We've broken down each of the private labels below, and what they have on offer for Bed Bath & Beyond shoppers.
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  • Haven. ...
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  • Simply Essential. ...
  • H for Happy. ...
  • Wild Sage. ...
  • Squared Away. ...
  • Our Table.
Apr 20, 2022

Can I cancel my Bed Bath and Beyond membership after free trial? ›

Cancellation and Closure of Account

Welcome Rewards+ Members have the right to not renew their program enrollment at any time by logging into your My Account dashboard and turning off auto renew.

Is beyond membership free? ›

Bed Bath and Beyond shoppers can take advantage of great savings opportunities and other benefits with the Beyond+ membership. You'll get 20% off each time you shop, free standard shipping, 50% off design services, and more. If you shop just a few times a year, it's worth the $29 fee.

Can you cancel beyond membership? ›



Can you use expired coupons at Bed Bath and Beyond 2022? ›

Do the Coupons Expire? Well known for their big blue coupons, Bed Bath & Beyond reliably accepts expired coupons. Every coupon has an expiration date printed on it, and while the official coupon policy asks shoppers to use the coupons before the expiration date, most customers have their out-of-date coupons accepted.

How much is a 20% off coupon? ›

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Can I use 2 coupons on one item at Bed Bath and Beyond? ›

Limit one coupon, Savings Certificate, special offer or discount per item; cannot be combined with a price match. Coupon valid for one use only; electronic copies of physical coupons are treated as one coupon. Any return of purchase will reduce your savings proportionately.

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